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Tar & Chip Sealing

While seemingly very similar to asphalt and its many uses and applications, tar and chip actually has the added benefit of being largely readily available for immediate installation at the job site as opposed to waiting on the discretion of a local asphalt plant's production line. Tar and chip and how it can positively impact roads, streets, driveways, and parking lots has staunchly stood the test of time, travelers, and tribulations for well over a century and it with good reason: it's composition is comprised of hot tar (liquid asphalt cement) and gravel that binds together on an atomic level to create a solid, yet resiliently flexible product that is longevity-oriented and considerably durable.

Services include:

✓ Residential Streets
✓ Commercial Properties
✓ Parking Lots
✓ Driveways
✓ Parking Garages
✓ Private Roads

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