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Keeping the roads in your neighborhood clean and safe contributes directly to the quality of life. At Prime Asphalt, we know that communities depend on pavement contractors for road maintenance and safety. We use the wealth of experience our professionals have to provide all residents with quality service.

Our expert team offers a wide range of benefits for communities, including regular inspection and road checkups. From filling in ditches to repairing potholes, our team is ready for all challenges that come our way.

While HOAs are primarily in charge of the roads and parking lots, they rely on pavement experts to complete the job. Many HOAs end up risking the security of their community by not prioritizing road and parking lot maintenance. So, don’t let your neighborhood down; contact us and get in touch with our experts for a complete asphalt pavement solution.

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We understand you are bothered by your pavement's giving in to Texas' harsh weather conditions, leaving you with weary-looking roads, driveways, and parking lots for your visitors to drive on!

No one enjoys leaving a poor first impression. Let us save the day by adding quality to your precious investment today!

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