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Concrete is considered to be the most durable and wear-resistant paving material. That’s why most property owners rely on concrete paving to provide them with smooth, stable, and efficient pavement. From driveways to parking lots and state to highways, many surfaces are built on concrete due to its low-cost maintenance and high curb appeal.

At Prime Asphalt, we have an experience of over 50 years of providing concreting work to all residential, industrial, and commercial clients. Our team leverages veteran expertise, high-tech equipment, and disciplined project management to cater to all concrete paving projects in due time. Whether it is for your driveway, parking lot, sidewalk patio, or garage, we can efficiently map the area and perform the brand new concrete installation at budget-friendly rates.

Trust us; our concrete pavement solutions will help you improve the drive and aesthetics of your property. Hurry up and contact us today so that our experts can begin working on your concrete paving project at the earliest. Remember, your satisfaction matters the most, and that’s why we work diligently round the clock to fulfill all your concrete paving needs!

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We understand you are bothered by your pavement's giving in to Texas' harsh weather conditions, leaving you with weary-looking roads, driveways, and parking lots for your visitors to drive on!

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