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Texas Tar and Chip Paving Services - Serving the Entire State of Texas

Prime Asphalt General Paving Services

Asphalt PavingPrime Asphalt does all types of  asphalt paving for Driveways, Walkways, Parking Lots etc. We buy only the best materials for your job. Asphalt has been used extensively for paving and road construction, is highly regarded for its excellent water proofing and flexibility, and can withstand punishing traffic and weather. The strength of asphalt is directly related to the overall pavement design, from the compacted base, up to the surface of the asphalt, and we maintain strict standards in all aspects of your project.

Available materials and processes include Hot Mix Asphalt Concrete (HMAC), Asphalt Patching & Repair, Chip Seal, Crack control, Asphalt Seal Coat, Oil Base Coating, Specialty Coatings with grit finish, Grading and Excavation, Recycled or Green Materials, and Striping.

Prime Asphalt Paving ServicesHot Mix Asphalt Concrete (HMAC) – HMAC is produced by mixing an asphalt binder that has been heated to decrease its viscosity, and adding an aggregate that has been dried to remove moisture. Mixing is generally performed with the aggregate at about 300 °F for virgin asphalt and 330 °F for polymer modified asphalt, while the asphalt binder is at 200 °F. Paving and compaction must be performed while the asphalt is sufficiently hot, and during winter months, the base cools the asphalt too rapidly to allow proper compaction. Paving in some parts of Utah can be restricted to summer months only.

Asphalt Patching & Repair - Asphalt patching is an effective maintenance process, and can be done when the air and ground temperatures are above freezing. Prime Asphalt Service can spot patch for a temporary fix of potholes or bad areas, and can repair street cuts from utility work. All work is done turnkey, and includes saw cutting when necessary, along with removal and disposal.

When saw cut removal & replacement is required, the sub-grade generally must be repaired before starting any asphalt paving to ensure that you have a permanent fix. Saw Cut Removal and Replacement is the most effective repair when an asphalt surface has been neglected and water infiltration has begun to undermine the sub-grade material. Saw Cut repairs my cost a bit more but in the long run it is worth every penny!

Texas Tar and Chip Paving ServicesChip Seal - Prime Asphalt is also one of the very few paving companies today that still does Tar & Chip Seal, a less expensive alternative to Black Top or Concrete. Also known as TAR AND CHIP, Commercial or Residential Chip Seal is constructed by evenly distributing a thin base of hot bitumen or liquid asphalt onto an existing pavement or compacted road base, then rock is evenly spread over area which is sprayed. We then roll with a vibratory roller until a smooth pavement surface is obtained. A chip seal surfaced pavement can optionally be sealed with a top layer which is referred to as a fog seal. We imbed your choice of rock (color can be manipulated with various rock colors) over existing pavement or graded road base. We often recommend two coats of chip seal to insure quality for your project.

Prime Asphalt Asphalt Crack FillCrack Fill – In filling cracks, we recommend that all cracks be cleaned and dry. We have a few ways of crack control. First, there is hot rubber. It is rubber melted into a liquid that goes down in and hardens in the crack when cooled.  Second, there is cold pour crack filler which is also a very efficient way to fill cracks. Once it is applied, it needs to set up for three to four hours to harden. Both methods way are a good way to keep water from getting to the base. Weaknesses in the base or sub-base results in loss of structural support, that in turn, causes additional cracking or faulting. By filling cracks, there is some control over the base and sub-base conditions, pavement interference, and crack growth, thus extending your pavements life.

Cracks in the pavement should be filled annually to ensure optimal longevity. Crack fill is best applied with the crack dry, and clean of debris. Filling applies to everything from county roads to driveways, and is an inexpensive way to maintain asphalt.

Seal Coat – Seal coat is the most important element of a pavement maintenance plan. The asphalt binder that holds the pavement together begins to weather and oxidize soon after installation, and left untreated, asphalt pavement will deteriorate rapidly. Like all pavement maintenance processes, seal coat is a means of inhibiting pavement deterioration, and should be applied on a regular basis. Generally, pavement surfaces should be resealed every 2 to 3 years. Seal coat is not a replacement for asphalt; it is only to protect it. If a surface area is in very poor shape, the asphalt must be replaced prior to a seal coat.

Prime Asphalt Seal Coat ServicesThere are several different types of material available for seal coating. The most common is a coal tar based emulsion that results in a membrane on the surface. Our seal coat mix consists of quality seal , mixed to a 15% dilution, with rubber additive, dryer, and up to two pounds of sand per gallon depending on the pavement condition. Each application and each customer is different. We will gladly recommend the right product for your specific application.

We apply the coating with a very detail oriented crew that neatly trims out all cement to avoid any over spray.  Then the coating is put on by spray to quickly get the job done and save any down time for your home or business. We have new, top of the line equipment to get the job done efficiently and timely. Seal coat will give you the look of new asphalt without the cost.

Texas Tar and Chip Paving ServicesSeal coat is applied in thin coats to protect off-highway pavement surfaces, such as parking lots, drive ways and airport runways,. Two applications are necessary for optimal results. Seal coating should only be performed under the proper weather conditions. Air and pavement temperatures should be at least 49 degrees F and rising during application of sealer, and for four hours thereafter. Bottom line, would you buy a car and never paint it?

Oil Based Coating - Emulsified Sealer/ Rejuvenator rejuvenates asphalt by penetrating the pavement and putting all the oils that have been lost through oxidation and normal pavement use. It is formulated to cure quickly, and designed to penetrate the asphalt to rebind the aggregate. This seals out and protects the pavement from the harmful effects of water and sunlight, and gives it a deep rich black color. Oil based Gilsonite can be put down in any temperature as long as the surface is dry.

Specialty Coatings - For customers who do not like black pavement, SealMaster® Neutral Base ColorPave® is designed to be mixed with ColorPave HD Tint. Specialty coatings are available in 13 standard earth tone colors for your driveways, parking lots, walkways, roads, golf cart paths, jogging/bike paths, amusement parks, tennis courts, and more.

Grading and Excavation - Our capabilities and services allow you to work with only one contractor. We can install a road base for your new driveway, finish the grading on a new construction, or clean up and level after asphalt paving. Road grading is done turn-key with your choice of materials, and can be as simple as applying fresh gravel on your driveway, to a major new excavation such as cutting out a road, excavating for utilities, or fixing drainage issues.

Recycled or green materials – Prime Asphalt Service has long been focused on minimizing our impact on the environment, and can offer recycled asphalt (RAP) for many applications. RAP is the single most used recycled product in the US today, and is made from pavement that has been removed from a road, parking lot or temporary work on the highway, and crushed to specific size. It looks very natural and still has some of the bituminous asphalt remaining from being initially produced as Hot-Mix. You would be making good use of a material that is an undeniably green product.

For a tough maintenance free surface, RAP can be installed with a lay-down machine for a tight consistent mat on ranch roads and rural driveways, providing a dust free solution. It is an inexpensive way to develop a dust free rural road. We have successfully used this material in oil field applications, where the extreme weight and truck traffic would normally cause considerable dust.

STRIPING -Striping is the “finishing touch” on a freshly paved, seal coated, saw-cut, or patched parking lot. Since striping is the most noticeable part of the parking lot, it is imperative the job is neat and efficiently laid out. Prime Asphalt provides professional striping with attention to the smallest detail and we use all Sherwin Williams marking paints to insure quality to your project.

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Texas Tar and Chip Paving Services - Serving the Entire State of Texas

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